Reinforcing Bad Behavior?

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has not been handling this campaign and transition into presidency alone. Behind every Donald J. Trump tweet is the politically inexperienced, 27-year-old, Hope Hicks.

Hicks has spent countless amounts of hours keeping President Trump’s image “protected.” Taking a public relations job in October 2014 at Trump Tower, she did not know of Donald Trump’s intention to run for president. Giving up, what seems to be, all her hours of availability, she geared up for the campaign trail, and ever since then she has been crafting Donald Trump’s tweets and working to keep his image from crumbling.

Has Hicks really helped Trump’s image at all, or has she just been reinforcing his unpopular, negatively associated public image through Twitter?

President Trump’s Twitter sure does gather a lot of attention – from democrats and republicans. Hicks seems to have her hands full with Twitter, but I would say she is not crafting tweets that promote a likeable side for President Trump since he has taken office. From the public’s perspective it seems as if Hicks is taking President Trump’s words and does not strategically craft a message geared to multiple audiences. The entire Twitter feed for President Trump is geared mainly towards a republican audience.

Having a republican audience during the campaign trail is expected, but what about after you have been elected as president for a powerhouse nation of republicans – and democrats? If I were the strategic communications chief for the White House, I would probably start tweeting messages that reach beyond just a republican audience. Let the democrats know you see and hear them.

This was attempted to be done on January 22nd, 2017, Hicks approved a tweet to be sent out that shows America Trump acknowledging the people protesting and making remarks about it being alright because that is their right as citizens.


Sending out a tweet acknowledging the people’s right to a peaceful protest, I think, is a step in the right direction to try and gain any positive public feedback. Hope Hicks is going to have a busy four years with social media constantly expanding, and so far she has not proven herself to avoid crisis over President Trump’s image. She will have many opportunities to practice and master the craft over the next four years. I look forward to seeing how the Donald J. Trump Twitter account transforms in attempts to bring Americans together.

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