The Biggest Week in Country Music is Actually Tied to a Nonprofit

So, you like country music? You’ve watched the American Music Awards, Country Music TV Awards, and the biggest of them all, The Academy of Country Music Awards. It is no secret that the week in Las Vegas that surrounds The Academy of Country Music Awards is a lively week, but I bet you didn’t know the ginormous donations it gives to nonprofits.

That’s right, The Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives is a thing. This charitable branch of the academy puts in huge efforts to give out donations to various nonprofits who share a mission of enriching lives through music. A few of my favorite charities they partner with are CreatiVet, Sounds of Songs, and Musicians on Call.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.36.16 PM.pngPhoto courtesy of

The academy’s Lifting Lives collects donations by throwing elaborate donation parties and concerts for country music artists and songwriters to attend in Las Vegas and they also give an offer to the winner of the Artist of the Year Award to match their donation to the charity. All the nonprofits they share the funds with in some way enrich lives through music. Whether it be with veterans, people who are hearing impaired, or people who are sick and stuck in bed. Country music is about uniting a community and telling stories.

As an aspiring public relations professional who has an interest working in the country music industry, I like to hear that the biggest event in country music is motivated by supporting nonprofits. Gaining obvious benefits through supporting nonprofits, the reputation of the academy is also given many positive remarks through their support. I think that it is important that any organization finds a nonprofit they can work with. I don’t need to sit here and point out the benefits of a nonprofit. If a nonprofit is doing their job right, it will be obvious.


CreatiVets, partnered with Lifting Lives, is an awesome partner because the funds being raised are going towards giving U.S. military veterans an outlet to write songs to tell their stories. This is also therapeutic for the vets. For the Academy of Country Music to partner with a nonprofit supporting people who supported America is special.

If you were looking for a nonprofit to make a donation – look no further! Donate today to The Academy of Country Music and help inspire the next generation of artists you’ll have blasting through the speakers in your car.

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