Starbucks’ Roots in the Community

Starbucks is such a big company that they cannot please everyone. Although this may be what people think, Starbucks still attempts to be liked by everyone as much as possible. I think that they have had success with this because of their strong roots in corporate social responsibility.

You have probably seen Starbucks replying to comments on their facebook page, tweeting to customers, or making an effort to reply to comments on their Instagram as well.  This is all apart of their corporate social responsibility. Community, ethical sourcing, and environment are the three main topics Starbucks tries to focus its efforts on.

Recent crisis, over the announcement of plans to hire 10,000 refugees have sparked anger that still exists over a previous crisis in 2013, when false rumors were going around that Starbucks did not support American troops.



Starbucks is a personal favorite of mine, and I have noticed that they keep a friendly community within their company. In this category, Starbucks is doing everything right. Free tuition through Arizona State University, guaranteed military and their spouse opportunities for jobs, and celebration of diversity and inclusion.

The military and spouse support was crucial for them to highlight back in 2013, and again now as politics have become a reoccurring problem for the company. I think that Starbucks has done a good job of responding to comments on their Facebook page to explain and show people that they go out of their way to support their community. These quick responses have been a huge part of why the company has been able to fix so much back-lash from false reports.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.53.22 PM.png

As you can see in this screenshot above, Starbucks replies to comments within a reasonable amount of time and refers back to their mission.


Ethical Sourcing

People like to know that what they are buying is not linked to child labor or sweatshops. Poor ethical production does not necessarily stop you from buying a product, but it does make you stop and think. Starbucks focusing around ethical sourcing says a lot of about the company. For them to go through the efforts of making sure their coffee beans, tea, and other products are being provided by ethical practices, they are establishing a standard. With child labor and sweatshops being large reasons companies lose business Starbucks has taken the time and effort to ensure they are holding themselves to an ethical standard.



There has been little controversy surrounding environmental issues at Starbucks recently, but in 2015 its efforts for recycling were falling behind the standard they set for themselves. To address this issue and get back on track with standards, Starbucks has taken a larger effort to promote reusable cups and has started using cups with 10% post-consumer recycled paper fiber in North American cafes.

Having strong corporate social responsibility is important for a company and often acts as standard markers that help keep a company accountable. Starbucks has been able to clear up any crisis in the past years because they have referred back to their responsibilities, as well as taken the time to address what can be changes need to be made.

Even if you do not agree with a campaign Starbucks has rolled out, or a value they hold in their mission, you can buy their coffee knowing that overall they have made a point to set the bar high when it comes to their social responsibility.


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