PetSmart Issues Three Recalls in Two Days

Dogs are considered our family members, our best friends, and sometimes our closest companions. You wouldn’t serve your family metal or other choking hazards in their dinners, so make sure to check your dog’s food too! Even I have a lot of trust in dog food manufacturers, but this latest crisis out of PetSmart has me double checking every bag of food before I give it to my dog.

On February 13, 2017 PetSmart notified their consumers that some of their “Grreat Choice” Adult Dog Food was recalled due to a choking hazard found in one of the lots. PetSmart is issuing a full refund to their customers who bought from this batch specifically between October 10, 2016 and  February 7, 2017. PetSmart has also instructed anyone with questions to call its customer service line.


Then after the first recall, the company issued another recall on Blue Buffalo homestyle recipe can of dog food as well as another recall on Wellness brand cat food. All three voluntary refunds happened within two days of each other.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 8.05.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 8.05.41 PM.png

PetSmart remained calm about all three of these recalls and has promised to offer a full refund or exchange for a different product. It is good that both were a voluntary refund. PetSmart has noted that there have been no complaints from consumers about finding choking hazards and there have been no reports of illness or death to any dogs or cats. This recall was strictly to act as a heads up to their consumers.


I think that PetSmart will be able to recover just fine from this recall because it was voluntary and they already have trust and an established reputation with pet owners. However, the outcome could have been very different if the company had tried to hide the hazard to avoid giving refunds or exchanges. This is when the company would have lost trust and damaged their reputation.


PetSmart’s use of social media to reach their audience was smart of their behalf. With social media you can share the message quickly, and it is a place where the audience you reach can share it to their followers as well. I know I am more likely to spend my money at a company who is transparent with recalls and takes action early on before there is any harm done. I want to be looking out for myself, but also for my closest furry companion.

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